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Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark is the most expensive Broadway production in history, and also holds the box office record for Broadway sales in one week, taking in $2.9 million over nine performances.
It is the most audacious and innovative show that has ever mounted.
And it is ONLY in New York!

Incorporating elements from the Spider-Man comics published by Marvel Comics; the 2002 film about the character, and the Greek myth of Arachne, the musical tells the story of the origin of Spider-Man, his romance with Mary Jane and his battles with the evil Green Goblin.

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Nerdy teenager Peter Parker is bitten by a genetically altered spider and obtains super strength, web-spinning abilities and other spider-like powers. He soon finds himself battling scientist-turned-villain Norman Osborn, who adopts the alter-ego of the Green Goblin. As Parker’s troubles begin to pile up, he looks toward Arachne, a mythical spider goddess, for inspiration.

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Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark is one of the most technically elaborate Broadway musicals of all time. It brings the Manhattan skyline to life on stage and includes incredible aerial stunts as Spider-Man flies over the audience, actors swinging from "webs", several aerial combat scenes and other highly technical stunts.
There are inventive costumes, puppets, masks, projections and more stunning visual techniques used throughout the show.

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Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark ended up having the longest preview period (182 preview performances) in history.
It gained notoriety for its production troubles, related to both the difficulty of its stunts and frequent retooling of the book and score. Both rehearsals and previews went on longer than expected. Several actors were injured during the process. At the first preview performance, these technical challenges caused several lengthy interruptions.

Book: Julie Taymor, Glen Berger, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Music: Bono, The Edge
Lyrics: Bono, The Edge

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Opened June 14, 2011 and still running at The Foxwoods Theatre,
213 W 42nd St New York, NY 10036

Running time: Two hours and 45 minutes, which includes one 15-minute intermission

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