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Thomas Luther Bryan, famously known as Luke Bryan is an American singer and song writer born on July 17, 1976 in Leesburg, Georgia, USA. He is well known for his singles hit “I don’t want This Night to End”, “Drunk on you”, and “Rain is a Good Thing”. Just like other little kids, Luke listened to his musical icons when he was still a little boy and wanted to be a country music singer when he grew up. He began his musical profession in the mid-2000s by writing songs for his childhood friends from high school, artists Billy Currington and Travis Tritt.

As a child, Luke spent most of his childhood in their farm helping his father with his fertilizer and peanut business. He also enjoyed outdoor activities like fishing and hunting. When he started his music career, his family members were very supportive and big fans of his music. Bryan got his first guitar at the age of 14. His mother was very encouraging and she always requested him to belt out Georgia Strait songs over and over again every time she drove him into town to shop. At the age of 15, Bryan was old enough to entertain a small group of people. One day, his father decided to take him to a local club and arranged for him to sing. His amazing talented was noted by two local songwriters who were known for writing songs for Nashville performers. They approached the little Bryan and his father and asked him to join them at writing songs for a local church. After graduating from high school, Luke decided to move to Nashville to pursue his profession in music.

Sadly, when Luke was ready to move to Nashville, his brother was involved in a car accident and he didn’t make it. This incident shut down all the plans that he had to relocate. The only thing that he wanted to do at that moment was being with his family. This incident and all the pain that he went through made him a better songwriter. He continued to sing at his local clubs with his bands and recorded an album while being admitted at the Georgia Southern University. For some time, Luke buried his dreams of becoming an artist and decided to help his father in running his business. Luke’s father knew that his son was destined for greatness and his passion lied on music. So he encouraged him to follow his dreams and move to Nashville or he would be jobless once he “fires” him. Finally, in September 2011, Luke moved to Nashville. Within a period of just two months, Luke was lucky to get a songwriting deal with a company that was owned by a renowned songwriter Roger Murrah. He was fortunate to work with big start like Travis Tritt and he helped him released his 2005 album. As lucky as he was, one day while performing at a club, an A&R representative at Capitol Records liked him and signed him to a recording contract on the spot.

2006 was a good years for Luke as it was during this year in December when he married his girlfriend Caroline Boyer. Caroline is also a member of the Alpha delta Pi sorority. Two years later, God blessed them with their first son, Thomas Boyer Bryan. Another blessing came in August 2011 when they got their second son, Christopher Bryan. Bryan debut single “All My Friends Say” was released in 2007 and his fame was taken to the next level when a song he wrote Billy Currington became number one Hot Country Song on the U.S Billboard that same year. His debut song reached number five on the Billboard and his album “I’ll Stay Me” was released quickly in August 2007. His third single “Country Man” song was released in February, 2008 and managed to become his second top 10 hit.

Bryan released another album in October 2009 and the album was named “Doin My Thing”. In that same year during the Academy of Country Music’s Awards, Luke was named the Academy’s new top artist and the best solo vocalist of the year. What’s more, his forth single “Do I” was voted as the best video of the year in the 2010 CMT Music Awards. Bryan spent the whole of 2010 preparing for his new third album “Tailgates & Tanlines”. The first single song in this album, “Country Girl” was released in March, 2011 and reached number 22 on the U.S Billboard Top 100. “Tailgates & Tanlines” album was later released on 9 August, 2011. Luke’s bigger success came in 2013 when he released “Spring Break” that reached number one on both U.S Billboard’s Country Music Albums and Billboard 200 chart. Later on during that year, he released “Crash My Party” single which served as the first single song of his 4th studio album. Performed for the first time ever at the 2013 ACM Music Awards, “Crash My Party” reached number on the Country Airplay in July the same year.

The second single song of his fourth album, “That’s My Kind of Night”, was made public and officially released to the Country Radio on August 5, 2013. The song reached number one on the Hot Country Music Songs in August the same year and reached number two on the Country Airplay Chart in October the same year. His third single song on the album, “Drink a Beer”, was released on October 24, 2013 to country Radio and managed to reach number one on the Hot Country Songs in January 2014. The song also reached number one on the Country Airplay Chart in February, 2014. The forth single song of the album, “Play It Again”, reached number both on the Country Airplay and Hot Country Songs Chart in May 2014. The fifth single song, “Roller Coaster”, was released on July 14, 2014 and managed to top the Country airplay Charts in October 2014. His sixth single song, “I See You”, was made public on November 3, 2014 and released to Country Radio. The song managed to top the Country Airplay and Hot Country Chart in February 2015. Luke’s last “Spring Break” album was made public on March 10, 2015 and managed to reached number three on the U.S Billboard Top 200. Luke has supported several charities and causes. City of Hope and Red Cross are some of the charity organizations that he has supported. The causes that he supports include Cancer, Health, Human Rights, HIV and AIDS, and Children Disaster Relief.

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