The Lion King: Huge Discounts - New Release Tickets

Lion King: Huge Discounts  - New Release Tickets
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Why the Broadway Musical "The Lion King" Still Amazes Audiences Today written by: jordan.hardin01 The highest grossing Broadway musical production, "The Lion King," has continued to win over hearts for the past 19 years, completely surpassing "The Phantom of the Opera" in box-office sales in September 2014. With productions currently showing in New York, London, Hamburg,all over North America, Spain, Japan, and even Africa, "The Lion King" is a show that all ages can enjoy and want to see again and again. From the original production in 1997 to present day, it continues to draw people in and leave a lasting impact in the hearts of audiences all over the world.

To fully understand why this Broadway Production has such an impact on those who participate in the audience, we have to look at the history of this extravagant show. Directed by Julie Taymor, the first show was produced on July 8 1997 in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the Orpheum Theatre, however the first preview Broadway musical was a few months later on October 15 at the New Amsterdam Theatre in Manhattan and officially opened on November 13. It was such a success in America that a production opened at the Lyceum Theatre in West End London on October 19 1999, where audiences can still watch today. On June 13 2006 the musical moved from the New Amsterdam Theatre to the Minskoff Theatre in mid-town Manhattan to make way for the "Mary Poppins" musical adaptation and is current location for shows. Since then, productions have opened all over the world. With over 6,700 performances, it is the third longest running show on Broadway and the highest grossing production at over $6.2 billion. Elton John covers the familiar musical scenes audiences will recognize from the movie, while the lyrics are written by Tim Rice. And as if Hans Zimmerman couldn't surprise us anymore with his talents with the musical score from "Pirates of the Caribbean," audiences will fall in love all over again during this show listening to his dramatic and heartfelt conversations through catchy melodies.

It follows the story of Simba, the young lion cub living in the African Savannah desert, and his admiration for his father, King Mufasa. Spending most of his days playfully exploring the grasslands, he eventually flees after the loss of his father, due to Scar, his evil uncle. He befriends Timon and Pumba and has some crazy adventures before fulfilling his destiny to be King back at home when trouble arises.

To prepare for the Broadway musical, a few modifications from the movie occurred. Extra scenes were included to develop some of the characters storylines. According to the article "11 Facts About The Lion King, First Musical to Gross $1 Billion," Rafiki's character was changed to a female so the story had a strong female presence, while also portraying the narrator.

The Lion King is colorful and infectious: The giant puppets look great, even at the back of the stage (cheapest Wicked tickets available here).

The Lion King first played at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis in 1997, before moving to the New Amsterdam Theater in New York City's Broadway that same year (get amazingly cheap Book of Mormon tickets here).

Just what makes this Broadway adaptation so popular amongst audiences around the world? A noteworthy term when referring to plays or shows on stages is suspension of disbelief. It refers to an audience's willingness to accept fiction as reality. In other words, the audience must suspend their belief that the African Savannah desert cannot possibly exist on the stage and believe that for this moment in time that is the world which exists. The Production casts pull this off by implementing elements of African culture and wardrobe to draw audiences into the world they are portraying and further drawing audiences in with the use of African drums and music. It is a story told through the use of extravagant costumes and puppetry and interpretive dance that can be seen nowhere else in the world. In fact, the Production won the Best Costume Design award at the Tony Awards in 1998 and the Best Musical Award in the same year.

Unlike many other Broadway productions, "The Lion King" was first seen in theaters as a movie in 1994 before going to the stage. The story is familiar to audiences all over and one that the entire family can enjoy together. As a coming of age story told on stage, children will feel an instant connection with Simba, the young lion cub and be engaged in his story as he continues to mature to an adult. The family friendly themes also appeal to adults who have children, as they can relate to Mufasa, Simba's father, and watch him give the care only a father can, eventually sacrificing his life for the safety of his cub.

This is a Production, regardless of ethnicity, gender, native language, location, etc., that speaks to the hearts of audiences because of the simple to understand plot and the emotionally driven cast that speaks through the artistic scenery while still portraying modern day situations we can all relate. It has survived as such because the children who were exposed to the movie in 1994 continue to expose their children today to the movie, so seeing the live Broadway musical becomes a must in most households. The Production does a wonderful job in replicating the wildlife one would see in the grasslands of Africa, by having actors portray giraffes while on stilts, birds which fly, and even actors portraying antelopes while on bicycles to easily graze across the stage. Through this visual representation which literally places audiences in the African desert, the story can be told and be related to young and old alike.

Cost also plays a roles in why the longevity continues to this day. Tickets are affordable ranging from $26 to $150 for premium seats. Disney knows how to maximize revenue without putting a financial burden on the buyer, but knowing exactly how much the consumer is willing to pay. Tickets will continue to be sold at reasonable prices, so anyone can have an opportunity to view this extravaganza.

The Broadway Production of "The Lion King" will most likely be around for years to come, based on the success seen today. Audiences for generations to come will continue to fall in love all over again through the themes expressed in the visual set and scenery. It will speak to the hearts of all who view it through the relatable situations we all experience.

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