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Aldean Aldean was born on February 28, 1977. His parents, Barry and Debbie separated and he lived with his mother in Macon, Georgia through the school year. He went to Windsor Academy and during summer he went to stay with the father in Homestead, Florida. He learnt to play Guitar during his stay with his father. Before his father went to work he would map out guitar Chords on a paper and showed him where to place his fingers to play the chords. When he finally went to work, he would leave the note for him to learn and he would pick the guitar and practice. When his dad came back home, he would pick his own guitar and they would play together. Soon after, Aldean was able to play any song only after hearing the song play a few times.

His parents knew that their son had a talent and they supported and encouraged him to develop his skills. At the age of 14, he watched the country music awards on television and he wanted to perform on stage. Thanks to his mother, Aldean made his first public appearance as a singer at a local event for the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (VFW) hall in Macon. He was 14 at this time. He sang John Anderson’s “Seminole Wind” and Tracy Lawrence’s “Sticks and Stones.” The audience was impressed with his performance and this really encouraged him to pursue his dream even more. In fact, he would later say that he had to be dragged off the stage because he was already hooked into performing and did not want to leave the stage. Soon after, Aldean became a regular at area talent contests and one year after that; he decided to join the House band at Nashville South in Macon. He chose his stage name since at that time; there were already a number of people with the name “Jason Williams” including a well known basketball player. In order to single out his own identity, he had to change the spelling of his middle name to Aldine. That is how he came up with the name Aldean.

After graduating from High School, Aldean decided to pursue his music career on a full time basis with his father being is booking agent. His father helped him and his band perform in several small events. It was the same time that he and his bandmate Justin Weaver started writing their own songs and performing them during a showcasing taking place at Atlanta’s nightclub “The Buckboard.”

During this period, Aldean privately financed an 8 song CD which he recorded in Nashvile to sell at shows. This was in 1996 and in 1998 Michael Knox spotted him at an Atlanta showcase and singed him to a songwriting contract with Warner-Chapell Publishing. This made it possible for Aldean to move to Nashville the music city after a month. He was signed to a record deal but was subsequently dropped. He again managed to be signed for another record deal but again he was dropped in 2000 for postponing recording sessions repeatedly.

He was frustrated and it was very overwhelming for him. Three years later, Aldean had not recorded any song and he was at the verge of giving up on music. One night, after he had showcased at the Wildhorse Saloon he met Lawrence Mathis who agreed to sign him as his manager. After 3 years of being frustrated, he decided to give himself the last shot. He told himself that he is giving himself 6 months to get a record deal if not, he will be moving back to Georgia. Five weeks later, he attracted the attention of the independent label Broken Bow records which released his first debut album titled “Jason Aldean” in 2005. Aldean released his first single “Hicktown” in early 2005 and it is the first song to be released in his self titled album. The record was made up of chart –topping singles such as “Why” “Amarillo Sky” and “Hicktown” in the year 2006, Aldean was named Top New Male Vocalist at Academy of Country Music Awards.

Aldean made his studio comeback in 2007 to work with Michael Knox as his producer to record songs for his sophomore effort “Relentless.” Michael Knox was the same person Aldean had stayed with from the days when they first met when he worked with Warner Chappel publishing. Then it might have been difficult and things might have not gone as he had wanted but he was more focused to making more music right now. The Album featuring the single “Johnny Cash,” debuted at number of four on Billboard hot 200 and landed a top country Album chart.

Aldean’s third Album was called “Wide Open” and its success finally established Aldean as a major country star. This installment had three number one singles which included “She’s Country,” “The truth,” and “Big Green Tractor.” “ She’s country was the first single ad it ruled the Billboard Country Single’s chart and took number 42 on hot 100. This was the same year that Aldean also managed to get 3 nominations at CMT Music awards which included video for the year for the track “The Truth.”

One year after his success with the third album, he moved to his fourth “My Kinda Party”. This might have been his strongest album to date. In this album, he managed to bring fresh sounds to his songs. He combined country themes with hard-rock chords. He performed with Kelly Clarckson in “Don’t You Wanna Say” and made a duet with her at 2010 Country Music Association Awards. On November 2nd, the album made its way out of the country and debuted two spots higher on hot 200 than his immediate album.

Personal Life

Axl was charged with riot incitement to be found not guilty (but only after he returned from the tour which caused a delay of the trial). The band went on tour in 1993 again, and it was one of the most successful tours including more than 200 shows. After this tour, the band would not be seen anymore in the lineup we knew it until then.

Tensions started to grow when the punk covers collection was not as successful as the previous double album. In 1994, Axl fired the guitarist Clarke who was in the band for three years. He did not tell the band. The guitarist was replaced by Tobias, a long-time friend of Axl. Tobias eventually caused some tensions by playing over Slash’s original solo, while parts of other members were replaced too. Slash quit in 1996 and Sorum was fired in 1997 after an argument with Axl. McKagan also left the band several months later.

The Third Album and Line-up

In August 2001, Aldean married his high school sweetheart Jessica Ussery and together they have 2 daughters Kendly and Keeley. On April 25, 2013 Aldean admitted that he had acted inappropriately with former American Idol contestant Brittany Kerr and in January the following year they were separated. Aldean filed for a divorce on April 26th on grounds of irreconcilable differences. He officially began dating Kerr in March 2014 and made their first public appearance as a couple at the 2014 CMT awards. On September 24th 2014, the two announced their engagement and finally got married on March 21st 2015.

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