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Etha Natural Botanicals Review

Etha Natural Botanicals is a company that is established on a mutual understanding and cooperation of two successful people who just wanted to make kratom more feasible. Most of the users are worried about their money and their health before buying from a new kratom vendor. And same for successful vendors, they don’t want to trouble their customers and focus to run their business for a long time.

After reading a lot of different stories of scams over the internet, customers mostly get afraid and discouraged before trying out aa new vendor.


There are some of the reasons for trusting and considering Etha Natural Botanicals which includes the top quality of the vendor’s products which they permanently ensure in different ways such as importing leaves of kratom and then producing products themselves, lab testing of each product and showing it to the customers as proof.

Another reason is their shipping service which is extremely fast and guarantee the delivery of products within 2 days, also allows the service of providing the racking number of each order to the customer.

Thirdly, customer support service is a reflection of the vendor and its commitments towards customers. That’s why Etha Natural Botanicals provide competent and active customer support that responses back to the customers in a quick time.

Their attractive discounts and deals always show customers their value. 10 % off on their products can be gained with coupons. This is not over they have more discounts and loyalty programs for their customers.

What are the required Improvements?

No one is perfect in this world but a person should always struggle to get close near to perfection and this is what the world demands. No doubt, Etha Natural Botanicals have a good reputation but at the same t,timeline there are some aspects which need to be figured out in front, for the vendor to stand unique among all. We will point out some of the areas where this vendor needs a lot of work for improvement:

  • Limited Product line

Unfortunately, this a factor where Etha Natural Botanicals remains at back. This vendor only provides 8 products which are different but great in quality, still, their product line looks empty. Many other competent vendors are selling a huge amount of products, up to 50 strains and when you look at their inventory having 8 products it looks very few.


So, this vendor should work on their product range but this should be kept in mind that quality should never be compromised.

  • Reduction in Prices

Looking at their prices, it is observed that their prices are higher according to the weights of the products. Their premium blends are worth buying being the grandeur product but their strains should be more budget-friendly.

  • Limited areas for delivery

Etha Natural Botanicals are particular about their delivery areas. This vendor doesn’t offer its products to some states such as Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington D.C., Wisconsin, San Diego, California, Denver Colorado, and Sarasota County Florida.