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An overwhelming force is invincible by nature. Often it's the cause of historic changes in life. There is nothing one can do to overcome the glory of such an irrefutable power, except giving up and go with the flow. And perhaps to my greatest excitement the WDW's (Walt Disney World) Frozen Fever is a true example in this regard. What has been introduced as a highly temporary set-up turns into one of the most explosive theme-park surprises of all times? Also, given the anticipations and aggressions that the Frozen-inspired attractions register in such a short span is beyond expectations. With Frozen at the helm, I think the Mouse has a new alternative to Universal Orlando's Harry Potter experience for sure.

The new Disney animation blockbuster is definitely a big hit in all its formats. Whether it's on the screens or as attractions in the Parks, there is no sign of thawing its popularity. Spreading its magical charm across the length and breadth of the WDW Resort, Frozen indeed seems to usher a new beginning in the history of theme park experience after what the multi-park Harry Potter attraction did for the Universal Orlando fans. Started as a rather standard cross-media play at the Hollywood Studios, the story of the Norwegian Sisters is interestingly quick enough in extending its incredibly alluring influences at the other Disney World Parks as well.

Bringing the fun and excitements from one of Disney's highest earning blockbusters to the most magical Parks of Orlando in such overwhelming style is more than just encouraging to me. In fact, the kind of response as received by the twin heroines (Anna and Elsa), be it at the Hollywood Studios, the Magic Kingdom or the Epcot for that matter is surprisingly explosive. And the anticipations that follow in this regard only suggest one thing - the birth of one of the most irresistible and never-before theme park experience.

Moreover, if the mere availability of the twin heroines for meeting and greeting can register such record-breaking long wait times in the parks, I think there is no harm in being a bit extra-obsessive about bringing to life the fantasy-filled story in a more detailed manner. In fact, the plan to create a more prominent and perfect setting for the attraction is a wise move on the part of Disney. Off-course it cost dearly for all theMaelstrom fans out there at the Norway Pavilion at Epcot. But then it's only taken over by another and most fancied Norwegian attraction from the reigning animated blockbuster, which is showing no signs of thawing its popularity.

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Frozen was released in theaters across the world only a mere five months back, and yet it has garnered worldwide attention, and acclaim. However, I was not able to really comprehend why it became the craze that it was and still is until a friend graciously allowed me to watch the movie from her laptop, a mere week ago. For someone who grew up with Disney classics, I am very particular with animated movies, which of course, have changed to keep up with current trends.

I have to say, though, after watching Frozen that it has matched, and in some aspects, even surpassed my expectations.

Here are the top six reasons why 'Frozen' can already be considered a Disney classic that will be remembered in the decades to come:

Memorable soundtracks.

A typical Disney movie never goes without music. However, a memorable Disney movie doesn't just have music, it engages the audiences emotionally and mentally. The lyrics are very simple that even a child can understand, and yet lurking between the lines is life lessons that all of us can learn from, regardless of age. Unforgettable characters. Let's all admit it, each of us who've seen the movie can relate to at least one character in the movie. Whether it's stoic Elsa, optimistic Anna, ambitious Hans, skeptic Kristoff or funny like Olaf, this movie can also be a parody of different aspects of our individual lives.

Witty Lines

A lot of these made the movie also appealing to adult audiences. From Anna's "Can I say something even crazier?" to Olaf's "Some people are worth melting for", to Kristoff's flustered, "I could. I mean, I'd like to. I - may I? We me? I mean, may we? Wait, what?" before Anna kisses him all of these will guarantee the movie to linger in the minds and hearts of many. One of a kind loves story. In this generation, finding love can be accomplished in so many ways. Anna and Kristoff's love story may have started under strange, even hilarious circumstances, but it blossomed in such a short of the period of time something each of us may likely have experienced one way or another personally. Whether it's a May to November affair or having known someone for a long time before realizing you love them, this love angle is one of the ingredients that have contributed to the success of the movie.

The importance of Family

In this increasingly hectic world, wherein many things grab our attention, this movie reminds us that whatever life has in store for us, we can always count on our families. By this, we mean family in every sense of the word, not just being connected by blood. This is probably one of the reasons why it has appealed to so many. ... and lastly, what good is a Disney show without a Happily Ever After? This is part of the Disney magic at work. Everyone loves a happy ending-who wouldn't? I felt the mixture of relief and sadness at the same. Relief that the movie has ended well for the characters who deserved it, and sadness that it has ended so soon. It'll be hard to top this one with a sequel if there are plans. Truly, this show does not just deserve to be put on par with other well-loved Disney classics, it also stands in a class of its own.

This is beyond a doubt a wonderful family film that people of all ages can enjoy again and again. "Frozen" will captivate you both musically and visually with its stunning animation, in-depth characters, memorable soundtrack and heartfelt ending. This is one Disney show that is well on its way to becoming a classic, so let your inner child go and take the time to see this show it will be time well spent.

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