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Ring Door Bell

Things to Consider When Installing a Ring Doorbell Camera

A rising doorbell camera is essential for several things most of them linked to beefing up security. However, there are still some other reasons you need to place a camera at your doorstep. This article is going to deal with mostly security reasons which may be the reason for which many people put a ring doorbell camera.


There are undoubtedly some people who look for the slimmest chance you are not at the house and break into your home. Nowadays, with advanced technology, people can connect the cameras online and receive a live feed n what is going on. Here are some of the aspects you should consider when installing that camera.

1. Hidden Camera

At times, you have to hide your camera to know which people come to your house or to capture a moment when a bugler comes to stay at your premises. When there is a hidden camera, the criminal will go and break into your house and get caught on camera which will help authorities to arrest them and recover your items. This method is an excellent way to assist authorities in identifying these unwanted people and keeping them away from society for correction.

2. Exposing it

Some people will visit your home, and you need to ask them to identify themselves. As much as you need a hidden camera if you do not feel like your security is so much as a threat you may decide to move in that direction. That way, when your family and friends will not feel suspected when they can see that they are being watched. It may also work well if you feel threatened by a bugler and you install an exposed camera as a diversion to another hidden camera.

That way, when someone is breaking in, they avoid the camera they can see and get caught by the hidden one. It may also discourage someone from attempting to break into your house for fear of being caught on camera.

3. Online Connection and Cloud Storage

With the advancement in technology, people are moving digital with everything including security. When you have a camera at your door, you can connect it to the internet so that you can see everything even when you are far from the house. Another aspect is that you can have cloud storage that records everything for later reference.

4. Sensitivity

Today’s cameras have the sensitivity to sound and motion. When installing a camera, make sure it has these features to alert you when something approaches at your doorstep to avoid being left out on critical moments.

Your security is paramount, and you need to take all measures to protect your family, friends, and property. Installing a camera to capture what is going on is vital for you as it acts as a discourager to potential buglers or any other criminal element.