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The book of Mormon is a religious satire musical with music and lyrics developed by Robert Lopez, Trey parker and Matt stone. The book of Mormon follows closely two Mormon missionaries in the remote Ugandan village as they try to share their scriptures with the locals but due to more pressing issues like famine, diseases and political unrest, the locals turn out to be un interested.

The popular Broadway show, that was conceived by the dynamic duo of Trey Parke and Matt Stone the individuals behind the cartoon hit series “South Park”, together with songwriter Robert Lopez became one of the most popular Broadway shows in the past decade. The two, Matt Stone and trey Parker began their friendship in college after previously working on a project named “Cannibal: The Musical”, they later went on to develop “South Park” which contained musical elements in it. They later, together, working on a movie met Robert Lopez and with Joseph Smith’s advice, the founder of the Mormon Church they ended up creating The Book of Mormon, and on March 24th, 2011 the show premiered on Broadway.

References and Themes

The book of Mormon portrays a lot of references not forgetting about themes. The most notable of them all is that of faith and doubt. The musical show satirizes religion and the credibility of the whole LDS church and portrays the Mormons as optimistic and unworldly. It also tries to prove that, religion itself can do a lot better when taken metaphorically and not literally. Stone described The Book of Mormon as “an atheist’s love letter to religion”. Likewise, the book of Mormons portray the African people as poor, violent, backward, illiterate, gullible, hopeless and diseased. Warlords chop off females genitals and rape babies in a bid to “cure” AIDS. Also a priest in the Book of Mormons, convinces the locals that AIDS can be cured by practicing bestiality. At one point in the show, an African who’s filled with maggots in the scrotum is advised by the missionaries to go see a doctor and replies he’s the doctor. This portrays African doctors as really dumb which is very controversial.

In the Book of Mormons, it transforms a lot of songs into unbelievable versions. Like the “Hakuna Matata” on the lion king movie, which simply means “No Worries” the show transforms into something totally different which basically is cursing God.


The show survives on entirely satire, humor and the ability to play around with words. The show has been highly successful since its first production in 2011. During its first year of production, the show remained among the top 5 best-selling shows on Broadway.

Its popularity can be highly attributed to the widely publicized tours. The first US national tour of the show which kicked off in 2012 and ended this year, has generated a lot of mixed reactions towards the show but positively impacting it as rates rise. The Book of Mormons show, also debuted in the Prince of Wales theatre on February 25, 2013. On January 18, 2017, the Book of Mormons opened another production in Australia at Melbourne’s Princess Theatre with rehearsals expected to start in September, proving just how popular and famous the show has grown since its inception. The first translated non English production, is scheduled to open at the Chinateatern, Stockholm, Sweden in January 2017. Also a Norwegian production at Folketeateret is on schedule.


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The vogue magazine termed the show as “the filthiest, most offensive and surprise sweetest thing you’ll ever see on Broadway and also quite possibly the funniest.” The New York Times compared the Broadway show to Rodgers and Haammersteins which is one of the best show to ever grace Broadway and termed it as blasphemous, scurrilous and very foul mouthed than David Mamet of blue streak. However as some found the show interesting and in a positive way, not all the reviews were like minded, as some people didn’t find the show as entertaining. In the United States, the Tripadvisor website, which is full of theatre fans did not seem pleased by the show. Also a Facebook page entitled, The Mormon Show Sucks has since popped up and gained a following. stated on 2011 that despite the anticipation, the hype and the many awards that the Book of Mormons brags, it was just a little more degrading and offensive.


The show proves to be widely famous as it has gone ahead and won a lot of awards over the years. These include the tony award in 2011 where it won in major categories like best musical, best book of a musical, best original score, and best orchestrations all which were won by different characters on the show. In the same year, it worn in the drama desk awards, and outer critics circle award. In 2012 the Book of Mormon Broadway show was nominated in the Grammy awards for the Best Musical Theater Album and won.

The protagonists might be the Africans and the friendly Mormons and all the believers, but the main success of the show has come from making fun of everything and everyone and contrasting reality and fantasy. The most notable thing about the show is actually not the scorn that’s directed towards the Mormon’s doctrine but on the misrepresentation on the common decency. No matter what type of community you might be from, your culture or even your religion, this show goes out against everything you might think is right. However this is what the Book of Mormon Broadway show thrives on managing to get people’s attention. The Broadway show continues to gain a lot of fans worldwide as it expands its viewership to more countries across the world. The language might be vulgar but hey if you are a fan of south park or boondocks this is not anything to amaze you.

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