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Billy Joel needs no introduction. History and statistics speak for themselves. For the last years, his pops and hits were sung all through in the Soviet Union. Are you a lover of music, then I’m sure you must have heard of this icon. Below is a biography of the legendary Bill Joel. Have a gist to the biography of this famous singer and songwriter.

Born on May 9, 1947, in New York, Billy Joel felt disconnected after a he was disappointed by his first album, Cold Spring Harbor (1971), with 1973’s piano man. The album was featuring hits like “piano man” and “Captain Jack.” Joel didn’t panic. He went and did successful albums like Streetlife Serenade (1974), 52nd street (1978) and The Stranger (1977). In the 1980s, Joel married supermodel Christie Brinkley and topped in the musical charts with “Uptown girl” and “We Didn’t Start the fire.” By 1999, Joel’s songs topped the headlines. He had worldwide song sales that topped $100 million. He later got inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. A couple of years later in 2013, he was venerated for receiving the Kennedy Center Honors.

Early life

The singer and also songwriter William Martin Joel was born in a New York, May 9, 1949 in a town called Bronx. His parents were Howard and Rosalind Joel. Shortly after Joel was born, his family relocated to famous section of America commonly known as “first suburb,” Levittown on long island. Although Joel’s father was a qualified classical pianist, it is her mother who pushed the boy into studying piano. At the tender age of four, Joel had begun playing piano. With close interaction with the instrument, he should unwavering quest for knowing the instrument more and more. By the time he was turning 16, Billy was a pro with unmatched skills in the field of playing the instrument. It is at the same age of 26 that Billy had already joined a third band and he could drive as well.

Personal life

In the year 1982, this legendary singer separated with first fiancée, Elizabeth Weber Small. Weber had been Joel’s partner since 1973. In 1984, Joel met the supermodel Christie Brinkley. Eventually, joel and his new love Christie married. Few years later, on December 29, 1985, they gave birth to a daughter. She was called Alexa Ray. This kid was named after Ray Charles. It is in the year 1993 that Joel divorced Christie. Later in 2004, Joel married a television personality and journalist Katie Lee. Their marriage just as the latter ones didn’t last for long. They gradually split after five years of their marriage.

In 2005, Billy Joel with his girlfriend whom she had stayed with for six years, Alexis Roderick, they made headlines to the public by announcing that they were soon expecting a newborn. It is at this summer that Joel and Roderick exchanged vows in Joel’s Long Island estate during the couple’s annual party. The nuptials were presided by the New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. The two later gave birth to a daughter child Della Rose Joel in August 18, 2015.

Early career

Having been greatly inspired by the iconic Beatles show performance, Joel since then committed his entire soul and heart to the life in music. The inspiration was such great that he couldn’t stand his place in high school. He eventually dropped out of school in order to follow his passions and enrolled into pursuing a performing career. He therein devoted himself fully to creating his very first solo album, Cold Spring Harbor. The album was later released in 1971.

The terms of his contract with the Family Productions eventually became difficult. Joel as an artist was not pleased with the albums quality released. The productions didn’t yield any commercial success. Disappointed in failing to make it as a rock and a roll star, Joel later went to Los Angeles. His sole reason for moving to L.A was to fly for a while under the radar. In the early 1972, Joel got a job for working as a pianist. At this lounge, he used to be referred as Bill Martin. By late 1972, Joel’s underground recording “Captain Jack” had already been released. This recording was fetching a positive attention on the East Coast. Executives from Colombia Records couldn’t stand watch the recording, they thus did all the possible efforts to reach the lounge player. They gave Joel a second trial to be a rock star.

Career breakthrough

In 1974, Joel started recording his new albums and songs, amongst these recordings came along with streetlife Serenade. Most of his songs didn’t deliver any positive message concerning the Hollywood and the entire music industry. Instead, Joel expressed a growing frustration to the music industry and Hollywood at large. This gave a clear foreshadow why he had moved to Los Angeles in 1976. As time went by, Joel’s styles of music started o evolve. Earlier, he used to do pop but in the new era he subscribed to bluesy-jazz stylings. The later styles are closely related to his name. The Stranger, recorded and released in the year 1977 became his first commercial breakthrough. This landed him to the 25 top of the U.S Billboard charts. From then, years later Joel collected a number of awards. Amongst these awards was a Grammy for Best Male Vocal Performance and People’s Choice Award.

Later career

Early 2000s, Joel was a completely deep absorbed addict. He found himself in a rehab, struggling with the ongoing addiction of alcohol. He finally managed to withdraw from the drinking habits at last. After the recovery, Joel released another recording. The single “All My Life.” This was Joel’s first song that had original lyrics for the last 13 years he had been into the music industry. Joel later continued touring and branching out as iconic artist. He composed a good number of classical songs.

Achievements and awards

In the early 80s, Joel would be ranked as the best hit-maker with smashes like “Tell Her About It,” “Uptown Girl,” “The Longest Time “and “Innocent Man.” At the same time, Joel would also release sweet rocking two volumes of Greatest Hits. This would earn him a place in the top list as the best and first American man to release full scale productions. Those who knew him the times he reigned will tell you that Joel was the king performer in the Soviet Union. He could also be seen as a benefit circuit when performing with other stars like Lauper, Cyndi and many others to raise funds for various projects.

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