Etha Natural Botanicals Review

Etha Natural Botanicals is a company that is established on a mutual understanding and cooperation of two successful people who just wanted to make kratom more feasible. Most of the users are worried about their money and their health before buying from a new kratom vendor. And same for successful vendors, they don’t want to trouble their customers and focus to run their business for a long time.

After reading a lot of different stories of scams over the internet, customers mostly get afraid and discouraged before trying out aa new vendor.

There are some of the reasons for trusting and considering Etha Natural Botanicals which includes the top quality of the vendor’s products which they permanently ensure in different ways such as importing leaves of kratom and then producing products themselves, lab testing of each product and showing it to the customers as proof.

Another reason is their shipping service which is extremely fast and guarantee the delivery of products within 2 days, also allows the service of providing the racking number of each order to the customer.

Thirdly, customer support service is a reflection of the vendor and its commitments towards customers. That’s why Etha Natural Botanicals provide competent and active customer support that responses back to the customers in a quick time.

Their attractive discounts and deals always show customers their value. 10 % off on their products can be gained with coupons. This is not over they have more discounts and loyalty programs for their customers.

What are the required Improvements?

No one is perfect in this world but a person should always struggle to get close near to perfection and this is what the world demands. No doubt, Etha Natural Botanicals have a good reputation but at the same t,timeline there are some aspects which need to be figured out in front, for the vendor to stand unique among all. We will point out some of the areas where this vendor needs a lot of work for improvement:

  • Limited Product line

Unfortunately, this a factor where Etha Natural Botanicals remains at back. This vendor only provides 8 products which are different but great in quality, still, their product line looks empty. Many other competent vendors are selling a huge amount of products, up to 50 strains and when you look at their inventory having 8 products it looks very few.

So, this vendor should work on their product range but this should be kept in mind that quality should never be compromised.

  • Reduction in Prices

Looking at their prices, it is observed that their prices are higher according to the weights of the products. Their premium blends are worth buying being the grandeur product but their strains should be more budget-friendly.

  • Limited areas for delivery

Etha Natural Botanicals are particular about their delivery areas. This vendor doesn’t offer its products to some states such as Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington D.C., Wisconsin, San Diego, California, Denver Colorado, and Sarasota County Florida.

Ketum Superior Kratom

Ketum Superior Kratom is a vendor that sells some of the premium Kratom. They sell their products all through the regions where Kratom is officially permitted. They deliver their flair in Los Anglos. They try to provide the best quality to their buyers.

Lab Testing:

All products are experienced by a third laboratory to make sure the uppermost cleanliness likely in every single consignment that comes in from Ketum’s direct farmer in Indonesia.

About the owner:

The holder of Ketum is a bodybuilder who originates out that a leaf from a tree could assist perk up his presentation. After taking a lot of experiences of using Kratom, he decided to start his own business to help other peoples get this Kratom quickly. His motive is to provide his customers with the best and excellent Kratom.

Availability of products at Ketum:

Apart from having the stockpile but also having reasonably priced products that are reliable with the rising financial system. It is significant to Ketum to have a diversity of products accessible and rapid turn time for their clientele.

 Delivery of the products:

All orders ship similar day and typically reach your destination 2-4 days following delivery. All packages are correctly warmth sealed to make sure quality and cleanness. All Ketum Kratom products are lab tested for excellence and security.

Payment Methods:

Ketum receives forms of payment like credit cards, money apps, and electronic checks. Ketum is offering almost 26 categories of strains, capsules, tinctures, and improved blends. Cost starts at $8.95.

Products available at Ketum Kratom:

Following are the strains of Kratom which are known as the best products available at Ketum Kratom.

1) White Fire:

One more of Ketum’s well-liked blend of Red and White strain Kratom. 1oz begins at $8.95 or 250g for $39.95.

2) Power Green:

Ketum specials blend of Green and Yellow strain Kratom. 1oz starts at $8.95 or 250g for $39.95.

3) Green Dragon:

Dragon possessions range in between those of Green and White Kratom. 1oz begins at $9.95.

4) Red Sumatra:

Red Sumatra is another perfect product available at Ketum Kratom. 1oz starts at $9.95. This price is quite reasonable.

5) Pick Your 6pk:

Now you can combine and bout your preferred strains. Decide any six 1oz strains from more than 20 Kratom strains for $39.95. Isn’t it’s quite amazing?

Coupon Code and discounts:

Discounts, coupon codes, and deals are available at Ketum Kratom. They please their customers by giving them additional and attractive discount offers. They give 10% off on their first order.

Customer service:

Their customer services are quite visible. They know how to treat their customer with love and care. They deal with them as they deal with their family. They are also available to clear your queries and doubts. Their website is highly responsive and gives full time to their buyers. The team is entirely professional and has excellent and considerable experience in dealing with the clients.

White Vein Sumatra Kratom

Kratom is divided into different strains depending upon the region where they are cultivated. White Vein Sumatra Kratom is one of them. This Kratom is originated from the region of Indonesia. Therefore, this Kratom is also known as White Indo Kratom. It has a variety of benefits which are given to the users. White Vein Sumatra Kratom has thousands of lovers in Indonesia.

This strain grows in the vastest Island called Sumatra in Indonesia. The Kratom is grown there are rich in alkaloid which makes them more strong and effective. The farmers still use the old method to harvest this plant.

Effects of White Vein Sumatra Kratom:

Some people are really confused about the effects of White Sumatra Kratom. The reason is that some people have reported that they feel more energetic and active after consuming this plant. But the others do not get agree with them. They say that they feel relaxed and calm after using this drug. Both the views are correct about this Kratom. This is because all the effects depend upon the dose taken.

Just like other strain of Kratom, if we are taking this Kratom at a very high dose then we shall feel relax and calm. It will help us to take rest or to sleep for some time. On the other hand, if we take this White Sumatra Kratom at a low dose then the effects will be totally different. W e will feel instant energy and activeness. We will become more alert and fresh. Therefore, you should know what you want before taking this Kratom.

Dosage for White Sumatra Kratom:

Dosage is the most important thing that helps in the effectiveness of a Kratom. High dose will have completely different effects as compared to the low dose. High dose will make you sleepy whereas low dose will keep you fresh and active.

If you take less than 5 grams (in between 2 – 5 grams) you will feel active and full of energy. If you will take 10 grams (7 – 10 grams) you will feel sleepy and you may want to take a long and peaceful nap. These effects last for about 3 – 5 hours. The effects are not too much long-lasting but the effects are strong. You will definitely feel these effects for the given hours and after the given time periods the effects will starts diminishing.

Is there any side effect?

Yes! The side effects also depend upon the dose taken. If you take too much high dose of White Sumatra Kratom then you will feel nausea, migraine, irritation, dizziness, anxiety, and vomiting. These effects will last for around about 3 – 4 hours. These effects will be mild and will automatically get disappeared after the given time period.


Do not fear before using this Kratom. You can try it and you will feel this Kratom effective. A little care will help you to enjoy the best of it. Just be very cautious about the dosage you are taking.

How many capsules should a person take for beneficial effects

  • Red Bali Capsules

Most people need relaxation after a tirey and a busy day. It gives them a feeling of freshness and smoothness. Red Bali provides relaxation along with handling some medical issues. This strain is being idealized for its stress relieving properties and curing different pains. This is all Red Bali is about.

Daily stress, depression, anxiety, and other problems can be treated with Red Bali.

Red Vein strain is the most potent strain as compared to green and white. It gives high sedative effects at high dosage. This strain is also suitable for beginners but if used in moderate level.

This strain is available online easily at an affordable price of $16 per pack. Plus, it can also be purchased at different discounts through many vendors.

  • Red Vein Indo Capsules

Red Vein Indo is a famous red strain which leaves grow in Indonesia. It doesn’t break the relaxing chain of the red vein. It is extremely stimulating and provides relaxation from different pains.

The pain relieving property makes a person addicted to this strain. It controls the mind state of a person and sends direct messages to the brain receptors, thus overcome the mental and physical issues.

This strain is less in price but the effects are super strong. It is ideal for people running low on their budgets but need a better option.

  • Vietnam Capsules

This is the most unique kratom strain as many people are unaware of this rare strain of kratom. This strain grows is Vietnam which is hard to believe for some kratom users that kratom also grows there.

This strain is not easily available online and in local stores because of its rareness.

Vietnam capsules are fast-acting capsules and provide high effects.

The main aim of this strain is to boost up energy and relieve stress but besides this, it can also improve focus and the motivation level.

It has mild effects of enhancing memory and cognitive functions. It is a complete package for all types of people as it is very durable in its effects.

Because of its uniqueness, Vietnam capsules are higher in price.

  • Red Vein Borneo Capsules

Red vein borneo is another yet famous red strain besides all other red strains. Unlike other Red Vein strains, this strain is by far the most relaxing strain.

Red Vein Borneo capsules work on mind and body at the same time providing multiple effects. It is even more useful in common issues of daily routine like pain, anxiety, muscle fatigue, etc.

Price of these capsules is same as of Maeng Da capsules.

How many capsules should a person take for beneficial effects?

Kratom is a heartthrob product for everyone when it comes to medical or daily health issues. The use of kratom among people is rapidly increasing.

Kratom acts more perfectly on beginners because that is the first time when the body gets interacted with herbal medicine. They have no risk of any side effects and overdose because they only take low doses. The ideal dosage for beginners is 1 to 2 grams which are considered as a low dosage.

When your body gets used to kratom, the amount can be slightly increased. The dosage also depends on the size of the capsule.

How to withdraw from Kratom?

Kratom is significantly gaining popularity and giving its amazingly satisfying effects for many people. The use of Kratom is widely spread in different states of the world. The magical effects of  Buy kratom hq convince people to give it a try at least once.

When people start using kratom, they get more impressed with its healing qualities. At the same time, it is observed many people get scared due to the side effects of the kratom and they might think this herbal medicine is addictive.

Many people consider kratom similar to opiate because of the high alkaloids present in both and they think kratom is also having the same withdrawal effects as an opiate.

This is not more than a misconception, kratom is a natural treatment and an unaffected way to rehabilitate issues. For the people who are not using kratom just because the withdrawal risks then you are wrong. It is a perception spread by rumors.

Today we will guide you what is a kratom withdrawal and how to withdraw kratom?

What is Kratom Withdrawal?

As we know already, kratom is a famous herb found in the regions of Southeast Asia and known for its therapeutic benefits. Kratom leaves are rich in two types of alkaloids .i.e Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. The presence of alkaloids makes All kratom fro sale similar to opiate but only in effective ways.

Kratom is only effective when used properly in the right way.

Kratom is not considered as an opioid because it is neither chemical nor a drug. Kratom is purely natural, no preservatives are added to it and even it is not processed. It comes in its original form and just provided to customers in a more presentable and edible way.

The American Kratom Association has proven all the accusation on kratom wrong and it is declared as a controlled substance. The addiction and the dependence towards kratom are totally different from an opiate.

Kratom can cause addiction only when it is using from a long period of time in a high amount of dosage. After this, if a person tries to withdraw kratom then he might face some effects.

Is kratom withdrawal dangerous for health?

Kratom is a therapeutic herb that is available in different forms such as leaves, powder, capsules, tinctures. It can be consumed in different forms according to the demand of users. If we focus on its beneficial effects, it is not a dependent product.

The addiction and dependence of kratom only come when it is consumed in a higher amount usually overdose. Moreover, it can make a person addicted if the kratom is being used for a long time period without any break.

These effects can be minimized if you use kratom in a safe way. You can search online for many kratom dosage guidelines to avoid negative effects.

After the excessive use of kratom, a person faces opiate withdrawal effects. Kratom withdrawal effects are not dangerous for health, it is quite natural for a body to get rid out of the daily used product.

Effects, Benefits and Different White Vein Kratom Strains

Kratom types are normally dived into different colors. The most common are Red Vein, Green Vein, and White Vein and Green Vein Kratom. This type is normally eccentric, unique and special in one way or the other. Being a common type. It possesses energy boosting and pain-relieving effects. However, it offers fewer properties as compared to Green vein and Red Vein. Despite that, White Kratom Vein provides astounding health benefits.

One feature that differentiates this More Kratom is the color. Its stems and veins are white and probably this why it is called “White-Vein Kratom “came from. The research shows that many users are comfortable when consuming it.

White-Vein Kratom Effects

Many users have been pleased by its effects. Being an uplifting You kratom type, White-Vein Kratom effects are more euphoric. In actual fact, you can’t compare it with other strain types. This is the reason for its popularity. It ensures maximum concentration, stamina, energy, moos, and strength. This is seen in both mental and physical level.

If you are having insomnia problems, this will well work well for you. Here are the most known effects of White-Vein Kratom:

l Supplements Cognitive Function. Here, it’s all about the nootropic properties promoted by White-Vein Kratom. Many consumers have positively complained about this. They have enjoyed improved cognitive effects after using it. Despite little research on this, many users have recommended it through their views and comments. Some of the reported effects include improved concentration and memory, focus, and increased mood.

l Enhanced energy and strength. This is a well-known feature of this strain. It is reputable as it can be used to boost your energy levels. Quite a good number of users have claimed that White-Vein Kratom is a fine substitution of coffee or caffeine. After you take a recommended dosage, you will experience a cheerful, alert and focused feeling. You can also replace your morning tea and coffee with it.

l As Antidepressant. Most of us feel stressed at times. It can help you to fight stress. What you need is a peace of mind, with it, stress issues will be a small issue to deal with.

White-Vein Kratom Strains

White-Vein Kratom exist in various strains. All these strains are characterized by their own features and properties but it depends on the region they are grown. They include:

  1. White Maeng Da. Mostly, it comes from wider regions of Kalimantan region on Borneo, Indonesia. In recent years, consumers have come to like it because it helps to curb chronic pain. Also, it offers a solution to boosting energy and strength.
  2. White Bali. It is commonly dependable for its tension-free effects and relaxation. These leaves are advantageous when you want to promote your mood. It grows in Borneo.
  3. White Borneo. As the name suggests, White Borneo is grown in Borneo Island. This strain can help you to deliberate pain and enhance your mental focus.

Final Thoughts

Academically, white color symbolizes peace, smoothness, and concentration. Coincidentally, white Kratom is seen to have the same exceptional results. You as the beginner, you will benefit from it. White-Vein Kratom is very suitable when you want to boost your energy, stamina, focus, self-confidence among other effects. Those who have tried it can tell!

Things to Check to Ensure Kratom Quality

Many people across the globe have become a fan of Kratom due to its spectacular health benefits. This is the reason why we have seen a massive rise in demand for Kratom among people in different countries. Most people who buy Kratom for the first time don’t have any kind of idea about how to check its quality or whether it is pure or not.

You certainly need to have detailed know-how about Kratom products before you go to any store to buy it. In case you are any of those individuals who don’t have any idea about how to ensure Kratom quality, here are some points which you need to know to make this sure that you are buying pure quality Kratom.

Information about Local Laws on Kratom

You need to keep this thing in mind that DEA and FDA have banned selling and buying of Kratom and its strains in some countries across the globe. If you find a local vendor selling Kratom in a country where it is illegal, you need to know that the person is a scam or he is selling it illegally. This could lead you to prison if you get caught buying Kratom where it is banned by DEA and FDA. It is why you first need to check the local laws whether selling and buying of Kratom are legal or not.

Check Track Record of Vendor

Nowadays, it certainly has become for customers who need to buy Kratom due to the massive number of vendors in the market selling Kratom. The reason behind the massive amount of vendors is its rising popularity and demand among people in different countries. Well, in order to check whether you’re selected Kratom vendor is selling pure Kratom products or not, you can have a look at it selling record on its official website. Here you need to know that only a well-recognized and popular Kratom vendor will be able to share its complete sale details on demand. This certainly is the best way to check whether you are buying Kratom from a genuine seller or not.

Labeling of Products

A label of any product is considered as the whole and sole of the product, if there is no proper information on it about the product, it certainly makes it a low-quality product. You can apply this same thing here in order to ensure the quality of Kratom you buy by checking its label whether it has proper information about the product, which usually includes product quantity, storage, usage and expected life duration on it.

Authenticity Certification

This certainly is another thing you need to check which will ensure whether you are buying pure quality Kratom from a certified vendor or not. If you buy Kratom from a genuine vendor, he can provide you lab tested certificate along with proof of authenticity on demand that Kratom products he is selling are of pure quality. There are some vendors like many medicine shop owners around the company usually display this certificate on their shop window or wall, for their customers to know that they are official and certified vendors of medicine or Kratom.

Ring Door Bell

Things to Consider When Installing a Ring Doorbell Camera

A rising doorbell camera is essential for several things most of them linked to beefing up security. However, there are still some other reasons you need to place a camera at your doorstep. This article is going to deal with mostly security reasons which may be the reason for which many people put a ring doorbell camera.

There are undoubtedly some people who look for the slimmest chance you are not at the house and break into your home. Nowadays, with advanced technology, people can connect the cameras online and receive a live feed n what is going on. Here are some of the aspects you should consider when installing that camera.

1. Hidden Camera

At times, you have to hide your camera to know which people come to your house or to capture a moment when a bugler comes to stay at your premises. When there is a hidden camera, the criminal will go and break into your house and get caught on camera which will help authorities to arrest them and recover your items. This method is an excellent way to assist authorities in identifying these unwanted people and keeping them away from society for correction.

2. Exposing it

Some people will visit your home, and you need to ask them to identify themselves. As much as you need a hidden camera if you do not feel like your security is so much as a threat you may decide to move in that direction. That way, when your family and friends will not feel suspected when they can see that they are being watched. It may also work well if you feel threatened by a bugler and you install an exposed camera as a diversion to another hidden camera.

That way, when someone is breaking in, they avoid the camera they can see and get caught by the hidden one. It may also discourage someone from attempting to break into your house for fear of being caught on camera.

3. Online Connection and Cloud Storage

With the advancement in technology, people are moving digital with everything including security. When you have a camera at your door, you can connect it to the internet so that you can see everything even when you are far from the house. Another aspect is that you can have cloud storage that records everything for later reference.

4. Sensitivity

Today’s cameras have the sensitivity to sound and motion. When installing a camera, make sure it has these features to alert you when something approaches at your doorstep to avoid being left out on critical moments.

Your security is paramount, and you need to take all measures to protect your family, friends, and property. Installing a camera to capture what is going on is vital for you as it acts as a discourager to potential buglers or any other criminal element.


Apparently, there are so many vendors of kratom who are coming up and therefore this makes determining of which of all those options you should go for quite hard. This is more so for a starter who is just beginning to think of taking kratom as they are not aware of which vendor is legit and selling quality kratom board. You need not worry as below is a list of the top three ranked vendors as per the quality they offer and also the services customers get from the vendor.

Happy Hippo Herbals

This vendor is among the best known from the services it offers its customers. Talk of free shipping for goods ordered alongside quality and consistency which make the vendor so reliable in that industry. Also, if you make payments with the payment methods they most prefer, the vendor offers you some discount. For instance, those who purchased with bitcoin can get a discount up to 25% for every order. The customer service sector of the company is as well so helpful and prompt such that when orders are placed shipping is done just like immediately. The shipping is done within 24 hours of placing the order. The quality offered by this company is consistent and has never been compromised.

Coastline kratom

This is another vendor of kratom who has proved among the best to opt for. The above company offers wide range of strains with all the varieties offered at very high quality. If within US, shipping is done freely and you get your goods on the same day you place the order. They also offer money refund guarantee without any questions. The customer service is of top notch which makes ordering process quite simple in case you have any questions. The company’s website is easy and user friendly as you can navigate so fast even when it’s the first time to visit. The company has been in existence for like two years now but the impact it has made is huge and admirable.

Gaia Ethnobotanical

This is a one-stop shop which many people term as among the best of places to get kratom from. Some of the things which attract the popularity of the shop include the customer service, the professionalism of the company as well as products of exemplary high quality. Another major factor which draws popularity to the company is the fact that they offer kratom capsules of great potent of different strains. The prices are also too low and hence user friendly. Among the other vendors in that industry, this company forms part of the most affordable kratom voice sellers while maintaining high quality. The company accepts various payment methods such as Monero, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin and also cryptocurrency. If you make payments through cryptocurrency, the company offers a discount of 20% on every order made. Most people refer capsules which are ready made and do not require preparation and measurement of dosages. This company offers capsules which are also portable anywhere and can also be taken from anywhere.

It’s quite hard to keep making orders from various vendors in pursuit of determining which vendor will offer best of the quality and so before making any purchase, do some research to determine which vendor is worth it.